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Support for informal carers

The aim of the project is to develop and support the group of informal carers in Třinec and Jablunkov area. This group will be provided with systematic support based on education through the accredited retraining courses approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as well as individual psychosocial support and mentoring in its households. With the target group, we will also solve various daily situations they can face to in informal care. Through the "self-help groups" there will be created a space for the mutual exchange experience, sharing joy and troubles of attendants while carrying for the love person.…


Change it!

This project has been co-funded through the ESF through the Operational Program Employment. The aim of the project is to motivate, activate, educate and return back to the labour market the group of people who are unemployed for more than 5 months.     What does our project offer? - motivation program and individual counselling - professional qualifications - Driving licence for groups C, C+E or D - cours of Asistance, secretary (englisch language included) - job placement with salary contributions for up to 5 months   Period of realisation: 1st December 2016 - 28th February 2018 PARTICIPATION IN THE PROJECT…


Self-defence for seniors

The project is designed for all citizens over 60, who want to gain new knowledge and experience in the field of self-defence. The project is funded through the grant of the city of Třinec and is free for all participants. The project includes 12 hours in total of these topics. 1. Law and Safety protection of people and property 2. Rights of patients in hospitals and sanitary facilities 3. First aid 4. Practical training inside and outside in real situation


For better future

This project is determined for women who find themselves in difficult life situation due to divorce, unplanned pregnancy, domestic violence or long-term unemployment.  The project´s aim is to help women to integrate themselves again into the labour market and strenghen their self-confidence. The project is funding of Zaměstnanecký charitativní fond of Citi and it is free of charge for attendance. The realization date is October - December 2015. Content: Financial literacy Computer literacy Career guidance Motivation program  

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